By: joshua

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4 days ago
Post: 1807
Questions: Identification? Value? Genuine? Error? Variety?

The 1987 belgium 50 francs misprint 8 on the date 1987 any information would be great i would be so greatful thank you

By: Joshua
4 days ago
Post: 1837
Well, I can't find a similar match, and I am not an expert in identifying error coins, but from what I know, there could be a reasonable chance that your coin has a mint error.

However, there may be also a chance that it isn't an error, just damage. From the picture, if you can get a closer look, it seems like the '0' on the coin has curves on the side, similar to an '8' shape. It could be that the center of the 8 was worn off, or that there was a mint error,the intersection of 8 was missed out.

With mint error coins, there it is typically priced based on a case by case basis, but on eBay, your coin may sell for $5-20?


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