By: Aki

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Flowing style letters

Metallic brown

3 months ago
Post: 1847
Questions: Identification? Value?

I cannot seem to find this coin anywhere...I thought it was from Iran, but now I am not sure. Any help with identification would be appreciated.

Coin is 31 mm diameter.


By: Rojîyar
3 months ago
Post: 1859
Hello friend
This is from Tunisia
4 kharub
Minted in 1281 AH(1865 AD)
On the obverse:
مدة محمد الصادق بتونس
Which is translated to :Reign of Muhammad Al-Sadegh in Tunisia
On the reverse:
السطا ن عبد العزیز
That is translated to :Sultan Abd Al-Aziz(Ottoman Sultan 1861-1876)
Unfortunat ely I can't help you about the value...

By: Rojîyar
3 months ago
Post: 1860
I forgot something
On the reverse we have:
السطا ن عبدالعزیز خان
Sultan Abd Al-Azizi khan
By: Aki
3 months ago
Post: 1888
Thank You!
By: Paul
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3 months ago
Post: 1889

What a beautiful coin!

Thanks so much, Rojîyar, for identifying the coin and translating the inscriptions. We appreciate your contributions here.

As to value, my guess is that Aki's coin would sell for $10 to $20 US dollars to a collector, half of that to a coin dealer.

The amazing set in our picture comes from Heritage Auctions ( where it sold for $950 US dollars during a 2006 auction. CoinQuest, as always, is grateful to Heritage for allowing us to use their coin photos. The $950 figure is very high because (1) it is for 6 coins in the set, and (2) the coins are uncirculated proof issues produced solely for collectors.

A better estimate of value for Aki's coin is found on eBay. There are many, many collectors on eBay, and coins always reach fair market value. The web links (to the left) show three coins that sold for $10, $3, and $24. The condition of Aki's coin is closer to the high end than the low end of these three.

By: Paul
3 months ago
Post: 1945
Thanks again, Rojîyar.
By: Rojîyar
3 months ago
Post: 1948


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