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Post: 1898
Date: 1863 - Question: Value?

By: Joshua
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Post: 1923
Leipzig occurred during the Napoleonic Wars, where Napoleon Bonaparte defeated a coalition of European nations , including then Germany, named Prussia.

Using a resource called Coin Archives Pro, which request a subscription in order to access it, I found a similar item selling there.

The prices vary from around 20-40 Euros. I would estimate your one to be around 30 Euros possibly.
By: Paul
3 months ago
Post: 1930
Joshua, you cannot supply links to CA Pro because people are not able to log in without paying $600. Use the screen capture utility to get pictures from the database and post them with your answer. Also, fill in the country and timeline when you know it.
By: Paul

3 months ago
Post: 1938

The interesting thing about this piece is that it is made out of cannon balls. Pretty neat, huh?

The one in our picture above comes from Leipziger Münzhandlung und Auktion Heidrun Höhn, where it sold for $40 US dollars during a 2017 auction. Newby's specimen is in slightly worse shape, so a typical range of values for Newby's piece would be $30 to $40.


Here is the auction description from Leipsizer, followed by Google Translate results:

Napoleon, Befreiungskriege und ihre Jubiläen
Eisengußm edaille 1863 (Anton Elb) 50-jähriges Jubiläum der Völkerschlacht bei Leipzig. 3 Zeilen im Schriftkreis / 4 Zeilen im Schriftkreis. 26,5 mm, 12,27 g. Mit Öse. Gegossen aus Kanonenkugeln Gebauer 1863.34 Vorzüglich. Estimate: 40 EUR

Napoleon, liberation wars and their anniversaries
Eisengußm edaille 1863 (Anton Elb) 50th anniversary of the Battle of Leipzig. 3 lines in the circle / 4 lines in the circle. 26.5 mm, 12.27 g. With eyelet. Cast out of cannonballs Gebauer 1863.34 Excellent. Estimate: 40 EUR

Thanks for posting this interesting piece.


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