By: Rojîyar

Ancients & Medievals
Flowing style letters

Metallic gray

3 months ago
Post: 2180
Inscription: Jajrom north Khorasan province - Question: Value?

This coin is from the Ilkhalnid era
Abu Sa'id Bahdur Khan
Minted in the city of Jajrom,north Khorasan province,Iran
730 AH(1329 AD)
This kingdom encompasses the present day countries of Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia, as well as portions of Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

By: pirgah
Web reference:
1. [www.coinarchives]
3 months ago
Post: 2184
Hi Rojîyar, at COINARCHIVES there´s a very similar coin to yours. Could you please compare them? I don´t know if the inscriptions are the same but the ruler is.
By: Paul
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1. []
2 months ago
Post: 2208
There's one on sale at MA Shops for about $100 US dollars. See web reference. If it sells retail for $100, figure a coin dealer would offer about $50 to buy it from you.

Scanning a few auction results in our 'Pro' database, these coins sell retail between $50 and $100. Yours is especially nice and well-centered, which would put it near the top of that range.


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