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23 days ago
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Date: 1965 - Question: Value?

By: Paul
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22 days ago
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Hi Jamey ::: This is a normal Jefferson nickel. It is old and dirty, but not old enough to be valuable. It is worth 5 cents in the US.

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By: Nick
13 days ago
Post: 2489
I'm sorry Paul I beg to differ with you. I think what Jamey is asking is: is this a real coin and if so what is it worth? Denver did NOT make Jefferson nickels in 1965, 1966 or 1967. I know photography is a tough business and I'm not the greatest photographer by any means either. Jamey's pictures are not the clearest but it sure does seem like there's a 'D' next to Monticello. If this were MY coin I'd be bringing it to a professional to have it looked at in person and if necessary have it graded and slabbed.
By: Paul
13 days ago
Post: 2498
Hi Nick. That's a terrific observation. And, yes, I've been working with international coins so long, I have forgotten the basics of US coins. However, it does not appear to be a true D mint mark, I think it is just a photo fragment or piece of dirt. It does not appear to be an integral part of the coin.

A professional coin dealer or a knowledgeable collector is needed for an in-person evaluation. Be sure he or she looks at it with a loupe.
By: Jamey
13 days ago
Post: 2502
I used warm water with a little dawn soap an q tip to clean the area where the D is.
Just to make sure I wasn't seeing a fluke.
It is indeed a D slightly raised.
I do plan on having it slabbed and graded.
Thank you
By: Nick
12 days ago
Post: 2504
Yes Paul as I said grading coins through photography only, can be a tricky situation.
Jamey I sure hope you didn't do more harm than good by your cleaning but ultimately I'm happy for you if that coin could be professionally graded as a 1965-D Jefferson nickel it would be the only one in existance as far as I know of! Good luck.
BTW did you take any after photos?


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