By: Laura

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Metallic gray

20 days ago
Post: 2326
Inscription: Phillipus? - Questions: Identification? Value? Genuine?

Any information on the above coin, would be much appreciated.

It is a recent metal detecting find.

Thank you for your time.


By: paultudor
20 days ago
Post: 2328
Looks like a gros,France, Tournois mint,Philip IV (1285-1314). Should be around 26mm,3.8-4 gr, silver.
By: Paul
Web reference:
1. []
20 days ago
Post: 2338
You can get a very approximate idea of value at our database page. Click the [] link under Web Reference to the left. Your coin is in average circulated condition.
By: Laura
20 days ago
Post: 2346
Thank you for the link. Very interesting read. I did notice that the coin on your link has 12 fleur de lis around the outside and mine only has 10. Thanks again for the info.
By: Laura
20 days ago
Post: 2347
Thank you Paul Tudor for the ID. Much appreciated.


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