By: Tyler johnson

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2 months ago
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Date: 1860 - Inscription: Campaign picture coin - Question: Value?

I've been collecting coins for years but picked this up for next to nothing at a yard sale and thought it was cool. I know very little about it and was hoping I could get some more info.

By: Paul
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2 months ago
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You did well, Tyler. Typical collector values for these start at $200 US dollars and go up from there. They are called 'framed ferrotypes' and a Google search should supply some interesting information for you. The pictures in your specimens are pretty well beat up, so $200 is optimistic. But not out of the realm of possibility.

First, check out our page on ferrotypes by clicking the [] link under Web Reference to the left.
By: Tyler
2 months ago
Post: 2364
Cool, thank you


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