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19 days ago
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Great Britain
Date: 1911 - Inscription: 1911 George V British Gold £2 Coins, 19,98 gr.??? Counterfeit - Questions: Genuine? Error? Variety?

1911 George V British Gold £2 Coins, it's 19,98 gr., it's not 15,98 gr.???

By: Joshua
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19 days ago
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From what I can find out, the weight for a double sovereign is, as you stated, 15,98 grams.

In the case of you one, it would be most likely a fake, though I would recommend having it weighted again with another scale just to confirm it.
By: Paul

18 days ago
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Incorrect weight is a sure-fire indication of counterfeit. So is quality. Check the side-by-side comparison of your coin with a genuine one. The details are off on your coin, and so is the overall quality of the piece.

Skypepi's coin is certainly fake. A jeweler can determine gold content, which is probably zero.


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