By: Amoun

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21 days ago
Post: 2442
Date: 1942 - Inscription: S - Questions: Value? Error?

1942 s long 9 weak s mercury dime.

By: Paul
21 days ago
Post: 2453
Looks like the coin was struck from an old, worn-out die. A mint worker should have replaced the die, but this one came out anyway. Not very valuable. Silver value only.
By: Nick
20 days ago
Post: 2476
Do you have a picture of the reverse of the coin? The 'S' mint mark is on the reverse to the right of the word 'ONE'. This coin as I see it now is worth about $4 more than triple silver value (which at today's price 2-2-18 would be $1.33) but if the 'S' mint mark is inverted or upside down it could be worth from $20 to $25. The nine looks normal to me but the rest of the date is a little weak but that would still grade a solid G6 to G8 in my book possibly even higher or maybe lower depending on the condition of the reverse.


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