By: Alan

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19 days ago
Post: 2509
Date: 1861 - Inscription: ONE DOL. - Question: Value?

I think this is a fake - please see blobs on Stars, no sash across the shield. Can you guys see anything else wrong with it?

By: Paul
19 days ago
Post: 2519
Good eye, Alan. The date is also mis-formed. But the real give-away to fakehood is the lifeless, dull, too-even character of the surfaces. Genuine coins has a lively look-and-feel that crooks have a hard time duplicating.
By: Alan
19 days ago
Post: 2522
Unfortunately, I saw it briefly, and couldn't help myself bidding. A few US coins from the same seller. I'll either return it, or offer it up as a space filler for a collector who hopes one day to get a real one. Oh well, one lives & learns. Thank you for the disappointing confirmation.
By: Alan
9 days ago
Post: 2873
Whoop, whoop.
Returned to seller (with the peace dollar) for money back, after quite a bit of argy-bargy. The money was held in escrow by PayPal whilst I returned them, tracked, and now all good.
I felt partially guilty, for being foolish enough to buy them, but still felt obliged to give negative feedback. I always try to think I could've done that innocently, but the very very brief description, and the follow-up response to my concern '... I never said they were real ...' pushed me over the tipping point.
Thanks for your detailed criticism of these coins.
Best Wishes, Alan
By: Paul
8 days ago
Post: 2887
Thanks for the update. I've heard many different explanations, but 'I never said they were real' takes the cake!!! Haha!
By: Joshua
7 days ago
Post: 2916

There was a dubious coin I once nearly paid for, pushed me over the edge when the seller tried to sell me for an extra $50, a 'Museum certificate' to assure me, from a made up museum, but even that guy didn't have the audacity to make such a remark as the one you received.


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