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18 days ago
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Great Britain
Date: 1837 - Inscription: Four Pence, William IV, a.k.a. Groat, Joey - Question: Genuine?

Does the date look OK?
It weighs (by my machine)1.77g and uncirculated should weigh 1.9g - so is this a reasonable difference given the wear and scratches?
Thank you for looking and your thoughts.

By: Ash Bash
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18 days ago
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This coin looks real to me.
It would be fair to say that the lower weight is caused by the wear and scratches, however these are very damaging to the coin's value.
Catalog price of this coin in its condition is around $5. Expect to sell for abit less.
There is another for sale (although for a ridiculous price) which is very worn and also weights 1.7g instead of 1.9.


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