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11 days ago
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Inscription: V cents - Question: Error?

You guys are extremely helpful. Thank You. You should implement a 'thanks' button on your webpage.
Here's an interesting 'piece' - bought with a bunch of cents and dimes. Should I sell it? Can I have your permission to clean it, or at least the obverse, or reverse whichever, to try and work out what's there. I promise to rub it with dirty engine grease afterwards to help get it back to a condition.

By: Nick
11 days ago
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This is or should I say WAS a Liberty Nickel minted anywhere from 1883 to 1913. This is NOT an error coin. It is a PMD coin (Post Mint Damage). This coin could've been worth anywhere from a couple dollars to several hundred dollars depending on its date of mintage. In this condition it is worth basically 5 cents. This coin appears to have suffered the condition known as being manipulated into a 'LOVE TOKEN'. A love token is when a person takes a coin and usually obliterates one side of the coin and engraves something usually very ornate such as initials or a name or even a picture of their own on that side of the coin. Which is what appears to have happened to your coin. It's difficult to see in your picture what is on the smooth side but if it could be made out to be something specific there are many people that buy love tokens for several dollars. I personally have a few of those love tokens with my children's and my grandchildren's names engraved but they are only worth something to me. You could try to take a better picture of the engraved side and sell it on eBay for a few dollars. Oh by the way NEVER put dirty engine grease on it. Good luck.
By: Alan

11 days ago
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Thank you, I think, if I had taken the photo with hole upwards, as the coin would have hung, it looks a bit like a big church with maybe a chapel in front ... Thanks again.

By: Paul
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10 days ago
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Nick's thorough explanation is great. Yours is very crude, so value is low. But some love tokens are true works of art. See our [] page to the left.


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