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10 days ago
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Date: 1842 - Inscription: 2 1/2 D - Questions: Value? Genuine? Condition?

By: Paul
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Nice coin. Too bad about the rim dings on the front. They will lower value substantially.

The coin looks genuine to me, from the pictures.

Our page on these coins appears under the [] web reference to the left. Be sure to read that page.

At $1316 US dollars per troy ounce, your coin has a gold value (base value) of $150. You can add $100 to that as a collector premium, bringing the catalog value up to $250.

Also, I cannot make out from your picture, but your coin may have an 'O' or 'D' mint mark under the eagle. It is it a 'D', add another $250 or so, bringing the catalog value to $500.

Be sure you understand what 'catalog value' means. See the explanation under the second [] link.
By: Duje
10 days ago
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It has an 'O' basicly around 250$ I am looking at...kinda disapointed because I saw online this coin goes for 4 digit numbers of $..
By: Nick
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10 days ago
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At a grade of VG10 this coin should be valued at least $315 IMHO this coin should be at least F15 to F20 which means $365 to $500 minus whatever for the minor rim dings. It wouldn't reach four digits until XF40 which I don't see here.


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