By: McDuck

Ancients & Medievals
Flowing style letters

Metallic gray

16 days ago
Post: 2628
Question: Identification?

Weigth 0.83 gram
Diameter 12 mm

By: Paul
15 days ago
Post: 2641
I have looked in my available references and cannot find this coin. I cannot read the inscriptions. Can you read them and give an approximate translation into English? With that information I may be able to find your coin.
By: McDuck
15 days ago
Post: 2648
Sorry, but I can't read it either.
By: Joshua
15 days ago
Post: 2652
Without being able to read the inscriptions, I can't give any identification assistance.

But, presuming it is just a typical Islamic silver coin, it could be worth somewhere around $15-30. Again, as I cannot identify it, I can't give a more accurate pricing for your item.


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