By: McDuck

Ancients & Medievals
Metallic brown

16 days ago
Post: 2629
Greece (ancient empire)
Question: Identification?

Weigth 8.33 gram Diameter 19 mm.

By: Joshua
15 days ago
Post: 2636
Your piece reminds me of coins from Syracuse during Ancient times, either that, or it could be from Ancient Greece.

Coins like these are hard to identify if nearly all their inscription is gone, the other way is if you have seen an identical one in better condition, that you are able to have an exact comparison with.

Presuming that this is just a typical Ancient coin either from Greece or Syracuse, I would estimate it around $5 or so unidentified, and $10 onward if it can be properly identified, as identification gives it its value.
By: McDuck
15 days ago
Post: 2649
@Joshua. Thank you! I'll see what I can found.


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