By: Erin

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Metallic brown

8 days ago
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Date: 2001 - Inscription: Rhode Island - Questions: Identification? Value? Genuine? Error? Variety?

Hello, I have an unusual looking quarter that I found in a quarter roll from the bank.I have tried to research it but no luck.Some say missing clad layer others say experimental dye..any thoughts on what I have??? Thank you

By: Joshua
Web references:
1. []
2. [www.coincommunit]
8 days ago
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Well, the page to the left is some info about the coin missing a clad layer.

It could be that, or from the second link, that the copper content managed to get to the surface of your coin.
By: Paul

7 days ago
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It looks like post-mint coloring applied. Joshua's CoinCommunity reference talks about 'annealing error' but I can't figure out what that means. If it were me, I would not offer anything more than 25 cents to buy this coin. See close-up photo.


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