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Chinese style letters

Metallic gray

8 days ago
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Questions: Identification? Value? Genuine? Variety?

By: Joshua
8 days ago
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No ideas from me about the identity of this item as I haven't seen anything like it, and that I can't read the inscriptions. The surface doesn't seem to 'look like silver', more like a common metal that is toned to give an 'antique coin' appearance.

The quality of the coin looks to be low, from the details on the coin, leading to the possible conclusion that it isn't a coin minted by the government, or that it is a modern copy of one.
By: Paul
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6 days ago
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It is an 'old man' dollar from Taiwan. Very cool. It might even be genuine. If genuine, it is valuable.

We have a page on these coins. Click the [] web reference to the left.


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