By: Amita

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Chinese style letters

Metallic gray

8 days ago
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Questions: Identification? Value? Genuine? Variety?

By: Joshua
8 days ago
Post: 2678
Though I have not identified this coin yet, there is a possibility that it may be a fake, as fake Chinese coins are very often mass produced and sold for a few dollars.

I am suspicious of this coin due to the following reasons:

- The toning, or black color on the surface reminds of the similar positioning of it on confirmed fake coins

- The details on the surface, such as the guy's face and the ship doesn't seem to be of high quality, that could either mean that it is quite worn, or a low quality fake.

As I am not an expert in authentication of coins, I would advice waiting for another opinion.
By: Paul
Web references:
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2. []

7 days ago
Post: 2727

Amita ::: Your coin is a modern novelty item. Genuine 'junk' coins can be very valuable. See the [] web references for more info.


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