By: Laura-jane

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Block style letters

Metallic gray

14 days ago
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Questions: Identification? Value?

Metal detecting find.
Not great condition, but any info much appreciated.
Many thanks.

By: Joshua
Web reference:
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14 days ago
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The coin's inscription does indeed look like Cyrillic, I would think that it is Russian as well.

I believe the inscriptions that I can read detail the coin to be from 1714, a possibly similar match in design in seen by the link to the left, though the inscription seems different.

It seems to be a genuine piece, though without knowing its identity as I can't read, or search up the inscriptions, I can give a rough estimate for a typical common silver coin around that time to be worth somewhere between $15-30.

By: Laura-jane
13 days ago
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Hi Joshua,
Thank you for the info and the link.
They do look very similar.
Your help is appreciated.
By: Paul

13 days ago
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LJ -- Your coin might be more valuable than you think. Even though it is beat to a pulp, with wear and bends, these coins are very rare. If I have the ID right, it is a 5 kopek coin from Peter the Great. Very cool. The one in the picture above comes from Keunker in Germany, where it sold for $4300 US dollars.

Yours, of course, would be worth far less due to condition, but $100 is certainly a possibility.


Here is the description from Keunker:

RUSSIAN COINS AND MEDALS, ZAR PETER I. THE GREAT, 1682-1725, Silver coins of the Red Mint in Moscow, 5 kopecks 1714, Moscow, Red Mint. 2.46 g. Bitkin 1148 (R2); Diakov 1. RR Schrötlingsfehler on the edge, very nice +

By: Joshua
12 days ago
Post: 2752
Congradulations on your find, when properly identified, I would agree that your coin is now more valuable, at the estimate of $100 as mentioned by Paul.

By: Laura-jane
11 days ago
Post: 2777
Hi Paul,
Thank you very much for the information. Very interesting.
I wish my coin was in better condition, but still pleased
with such an interesting coin. Would be nice to know how
a Russian coin ended up in a field in Hertfordshire,
England 300 years ago. Thanks again to you and Joshua for
identifying my coin.


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