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8 days ago
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Date: 1652 - Inscription: (Front) 1652 XII / NEWENGLAND - ANDOM - (Back) IN - MASATHVSETS - Questions: Value? Genuine? Variety?

Is this real? I think my grandparents had it, and they did have ancestors in the New England area.

By: Joshua
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7 days ago
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Link to the left is to a page about your coin and its estimated values.

I am skeptical of your coin being real as the surface seems a little different from silver metal, as it appears from the photo to have some copper coloring. These coins are quite often counterfeited. Or, it just could be the angle and lighting of your photo.

However, as I am not an expert in the area of authentication of coins, I recommend waiting for another opinion first from someone more knowledgeable.
By: Ash Bash
7 days ago
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As Joshua said, this coin is commonly counterfeited. I would personally say that this coin is a fake, as the style of the lettering and the design on the tree does not match the real coin, and the date also appears to be much larger than on a real coin.


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