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6 days ago
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Date: 1821 - Inscription: * FERDIN * VII * DEI * GRATIA * - Questions: Value? Condition? Variety?

Amazingly, even with the coin being almost 200 years old, many little details are still visible, including most of the seal on the back. The sides still show the original minting, a repetition of multiple squares all around the sides.

By: paultudor
6 days ago
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You have an 8 reales,War Of Independence GUANAJUATO,KM# 111.4.No offence but i'm struggling to see what's so amazing about this coin as it is not rare and quite worn.
By: Joshua
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1. [auction.sedwickc]
6 days ago
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The link to the left is to a page about a similar coin to your one being sold. I would estimate your one to have an estimated value of around $30-60.

Sure, it may be worn and not that rare, but it is still nice to see a reasonably alright looking 200 year old silver coin.
By: paultudor
6 days ago
Post: 2755
Well, it wouldn't be the first time you disagree with me though i'm pretty sure i know what i'm saying whenever i share a thought.Even so i don't have a problem with that , but in a case like this i think we should be honest about how the coin looks!


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