By: Lorenzo Carrillo

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12 days ago
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Date: 1850 - Questions: Identification? Value? Genuine? Condition? Variety?

Hi I picked this up today at my local swapmeet and have gotten as far as to narrow it down to being a Japanese 2 shu but in a wide date / era range from 1830-1869 or possibly older I’m not entirely sure . ALos the counter stamp on it I’m not sure if is a star or maybe a Japanese character . Any help is deeply appreciated . Thanks !! - Lorenzo

By: Joshua
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12 days ago
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Well, presuming the item is genuine, the link to the left has some general details about your 2 Shu.

I believe I managed to find a very similar coin to your one, in the second link.

According to it, if I am correct, your item would be a 2 Shu from Man'en Edo mint
By: Paul

12 days ago
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This 2 shu sold for $54 US dollars during a 2017 auction. Your example looks suspect, due to its mushy appearance, but that could be due to photography more than anything.


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