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5 days ago
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Date: 1882 - Inscription: Der nederlander - Question: Value?

Can it be cleaned or hand polished for better value?

By: Ash Bash
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5 days ago
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Do not clean it at all.
cleaning would ruin almost all value the coin would of had.
Catalog price still runs around $4-$5 for this coin but expect less when selling.
By: Paul
4 days ago
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Harsh cleaning always lowers a collectible coin's value. Most people try chemical agents, like acetone, brass polish, or baking soda in an attempt to restore a coin's intrinsic beauty. These always produce results that are noticeable to many people, and completely obvious to coin collectors. Copper coins cleaned this way invariably take on a bright orange color.

In contrast, a little warm water with very mild soap might remove some grit without damaging the metallic surfaces. Since this coin is not overly valuable, you could try it knowing, possibly, that it might ruin the coin.

I have heard, but I have never tried it, that soaking for several weeks in olive oil helps remove the green corrosion on copper coins. If you feel adventuresome, you could try that, too.

I'd say that your coin grades 'average circulated' or VF20 on the numismatic scale.
By: Joshua
4 days ago
Post: 2822
Aside from the usual instructions not to clean coins, I don't think that olive oil would help. The green corrosion currently is insignificant enough not to disturb it.

That green corrosion is a chemical reaction, skip to the important bit, which works with the combination of air and liquid. As long as it isn't active, your coin isn't at risk of being 'eaten' by the corrosion.


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