By: Colleen

Errors & Varieties
Metallic brown

11 days ago
Post: 2774
Questions: Value? Genuine? Error?

I found this Penny amongst my change. I noticed that the date looked odd. I was wondering if this was a minting error. Could it be worth anything?

By: Tyler Nutting
11 days ago
Post: 2781
I’m no expert on this myself, but that does look to me like an error. Definitely worth holding on to.
By: Joshua
11 days ago
Post: 2783
From my opinion, the '1' on '1941', if I read correctly could either be a mint error as previously pointed out, or it suffered some form of damage that pushed the metal to the side?

Either way, interesting piece.

I am not an expert in this area too, but in my opinion, it may have a greater chance of it being a mint error as the metal seems to be showing outwards more then what I would guess to be from damaged caused.


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