By: Diane

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11 days ago
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Date: 1851 - Inscription: California gold 1/2 - Questions: Identification? Value? Genuine?

These are in a plastic case held together with plastic screws, but not sure if they are even real. Just trying to sell off these coins left to my late husband from his Dad.

By: Tyler Nutting
11 days ago
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I would take the glass box’s advice and say that they are souvenirs.
By: Joshua
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11 days ago
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Agreed, it is most likely a collector's novelty issue. The following details below is from a sale of a similar set, shown in the link to the left, though it does not show the final price. Seeing as it was started at $25 USD, it wouldn't be worth that much.

1850's California Souvenir Gold Coin Set, including 3/.25 cent and 3/.50 cent pieces
Starting Bid
By: Paul
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10 days ago
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Hi Diane ::: Yes, they appear to be fakes, but they are probably worth an in-person inspection by a knowledgeable collector or professional coin dealer. Genuine California Gold coins are very valuable. We have a page about coins like yours, with picutres, background material and links to reputable web sites. Please read it. Click the [coinquest] link under web reference to the left.


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