By: Dave

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4 days ago
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Date: 1902 - Inscription: CHEH-KIANG Province 7.2 Candareens - Question: Value?

By: Ash Bash
4 days ago
Post: 2806
If possible, please re-take photos so that the details are clear. It's difficult to see if they are genuine or not like this. Thank you.
By: Paul

3 days ago
Post: 2821

As Ash says, good pictures are needed.

The coin in our picture here comes from Stacks Bowers where it sold for $170 US dollars during a 2014 auction. CoinQuest thanks Stacks Bowers for use of their coin photo.

The Stacks Bowers coin has been authenticated, graded, and encapsulated by PCGS. In the picture you can see the holder around the edges.


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