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10 days ago
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Great Britain
Date: 1777 - Inscription: GREGOry II - Question: Variety?

Can't find another example of this evasion half Penny. Appears to be GREGOry variety but also appears to be II and not III. Could it be an unknown variety?

By: Joshua
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10 days ago
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I think it may be a halfpenny of George II?

On the other side of the coin, where Britannia should be pictured, I can see a faint outline of her knee on your coin.
By: Patrick

10 days ago
Post: 2829

No, it's Gregory...a known evasion Halfpenny. I'm looking for information on the type. It has the small 'ry' so should be a GREGOry III but appears to be II...which is not listed anywhere...see pic for exple.

By: Paul
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10 days ago
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Our page on evasion tokens appears at the web reference to the left. There are some decent links to other pages on our page, but you are probably already familiar with those pages. I checked our 'pro' database and could not find any Gregory II coins. The image with the black background comes from there.

Most likely, your coin is a GREGOry III. It is very worn and illegible.


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