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4 days ago
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Date: 1902 - Inscription: CHEH-KIANG PROVINCE 7.2 Candareens - Questions: Value? Genuine?

By: Joshua
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3 days ago
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Although I am not an expert in authentication of coins, I am a little concerned about the quality of the coin.

While I am not sure what to make of it, I would let you know that there is quite a reasonable possibility that your coin is a fake, as it is very often counterfeited. Or, it may just be quite a worn coin.

I recommend waiting for someone else to give their opinion on the matter. The link to the left shows a genuine coin to compare with.
By: Paul
3 days ago
Post: 2831
Check it against the image I supplied in the other post. There is a reasonable chance that your coin is genuine. The surfaces do not have the dull, lifeless appearance of most Chinese fakes, and the patterns seen to match quite well. Approximate value is shown in the other post.
By: David Sadler
3 days ago
Post: 2833
I didn't see a value in the other post. I did see what seemed to be the face value stated. What was the comparison Value? I will have it looked at closer by a shop in the city.
By: Paul
3 days ago
Post: 2844
By: Ash Bash
3 days ago
Post: 2845
Even due to its size, I would say this is definately real. If you see a coin you suspect is fake, it is probably the size of a dollar coin (large type). Most of the cruder fakes are similiar sized.
Your coin is a beautiful coin by the way, I love it.


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