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9 days ago
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Inscription: Yun-nun - Questions: Identification? Value? Genuine?

I have asked people on a different website forum about this coin. NO One responded. Anyway I found this in my driveway.

By: Joshua
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9 days ago
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I included a link to the left, it is a page about your coin. Very likely, your one would be a replica, though as I am not an expert in authentication, it may be best to wait for the opinion of someone else.
By: 1117
8 days ago
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There are only a few real known. Most of them are counterfeit and called fantasy.
The silver on your coin looks odd, have you checked if its magnetic and how much the weight is?
Even if its fake, I have read that some Collectors buy those early fantasy coins.
Maybe Paul can say a bit more about it ;-)
By: Paul
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8 days ago
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Yes, it is a well-known fake. China has used many denominations over the centuries, including dollars and cents, but the TAEL denomination is especially valuable and, therefore, especially subject to counterfeiting.

Please click to our page, [] to the left, about 'fantasy' taels. BTW, in Chinese numismatics, 'fantasy' often means 'fake,' but not always. Some fantasy coins of high quality are sought by collectors. But not this specific one.


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