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4 days ago
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Date: 1972 - Inscription: One cent - Questions: Value? Genuine? Error?

Is this a 1972 doubled die I believe it is I also think I see extra letters above where the s&t are in trust along the edge of the coin, hope my pics are good enough ,I decided to try one more post to see what happens this time so far everyone thinks I'm a looser and only post useless coins and don't take advice verry well thanks for looking again

By: Paul

4 days ago
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Yo, Tooboocoo :: You are certainly not a loser, you just need to take my advice and get a copy of the Cherrypicker's Guide. Every collector (like you) who is interested in doubled dies, re-punched mint marks, and similar die varieties must get a copy or, at a minimum, visit a library and take out a copy.

A genuine 72 DDO cent has must stronger doubling than your coin. See the picture. The doubling on your coin is due to die bounce and is called 'machine doubling.' The coin is doubled, but the die is not. Machine doubling adds no value to a coin.

I once purchased 100 rolls of uncirculated 1995 Lincolns and hoped to find a DDO coin among the 5000 coins. I stopped looking after about 1000 coins. It was a ton of work. Finding doubled dies in circulation is ever tougher. Keep looking. Or change your collection focus to something easier. There are lots of GREAT ways to collect coins.

By: tooboocoo
3 days ago
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Are there not numerous DDS fvarities of the 72 Lincoln cent


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