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3 days ago
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Great Britain
Date: 1876 - Inscription: One Penny - Questions: Value? Error?

Decluttering prior to moving house and came across a few coins that were my wife's grandfathers. One was this 1876 penny, or at least half of a 1876 penny, about half normal thickness with just a blank slightly silvery side where the queens head should be. Is this a proof, a mint error or something else and is it worthless or likely to be worth something? Grateful for any thoughts.

By: Joshua
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3 days ago
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The link to the left should be to a page about your coin and its estimated values.

I think that the other side was possibly worn down and plated with some kind of metal?
By: Paul
3 days ago
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Your coin has been ground down to be extra thin. It is a damaged coin. Worth about zero.


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