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3 days ago
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Great Britain
Date: 1832 - Inscription: Reform Bill received Royal Assent - Question: Value?

Inherited a pile of junk in amongst which was what appeared to be a very dirty (black!) coin. After soaking it in a bit of left-over beer overnight and giving it a scrub with soap and water, I could just about identify it as some sort of medal associated with the Reform Bill receiving Royal Assent on Mar 23 1832. I appreciate the condition could be better, but is this collectable, were they widely issued and does it have any value?
Grateful for any thoughts.

By: Joshua
3 days ago
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I wouldn't recommend cleaning the coin, as it would usually decrease its value. But, as far as some soap and water, it isn't that bad.

By: Paul

2 days ago
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I've heard of olive oil for cleaning coins, but never beer. Very creative!

I can't find an exact match to your token, but there were several issued celebrating the 1832 reform, e.g., picture above. Since they are tokens, and not legal circulating coins, they do not enjoy a widespread collector following, which lowers value.

Also, your token is bent, nicked, and cleaned, so value is about zero. Too bad. At least it is an identifiable piece of history.

By: Steve
2 days ago
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Thanks Paul. Once saw a collection for a round of drinks put in a pint pot. What coins were not needed remained in the glass and it was filled with beer. After the person drank the beer many of the coins were quite shiny. Rather put the individual off his next pint!
I've come across a number of different medallions/tokens on the internet commemorating this event (big moment in politics and democracy), but none quite like mine. You mentioned the nick, but it almost looks as if there used to be a ring there allowing this to be worn as some sort of medal rather than just kept as a memento.


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