By: Josh

Coins of the World
Chinese style letters

Flowing style letters

Block style letters

Metallic brown

14 days ago
Post: 4009
Questions: Identification? Value? Genuine? Variety?

By: Ethan
13 days ago
Post: 4025
Looks to be a coins from the 1800's QIng Dynasty. Cannot figure out which, as to the heavily worn surface. Take it up with an expert in person.
By: Josh
13 days ago
Post: 4026
Ok. Thanks!
By: Joshua
Web references:
1. []
2. [www.sportstune.c]
13 days ago
Post: 4031
From my estimated guess, its value would be usually quite low, around $1-5 USD, though as proper identification gives it value, especially if it is a rare variate, it be best to attempt to see if there is an expert who can read the inscriptions.


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