By: Ben

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13 days ago
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Date: 1847 - Inscription: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ONE DOL. - Questions: Identification? Value? Genuine?

By: Joshua
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13 days ago
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The link to the left has more details and pricing for such a coin.

However, I believe that your coin is a counterfeit, it looks to be artificially toned and made using lower quality standard.
By: Ash Bash
13 days ago
Post: 4037
I agree this looks counterfeit.
Also gotta say, Liberty's got a George Washington vibe going. Might just be me.
By: Joshua
12 days ago
Post: 4047
Ash - I think it might be me too, Liberty's face does indeed look like George Washington, but with long hair. Might just be either luck that the poorer quality counterfeit happened to resemble his face a bit, or that the counterfeiter [for some reason] used Washington's face on it..


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