By: David

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12 days ago
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Date: 1910 - Inscription: Deutsches Reich 1 Mark - Questions: Identification? Value? Genuine?

What I have is a 1910 German Mark coin that looks like a German Mark but is the wrong size and composition. It looks like zinc (not magnetic) and measures only 12 mm across. Photo with US Cent for comparison. It also has no mintmark. Anyone know what this is or how much it might be worth?

By: Ash Bash
12 days ago
Post: 4068
I couldn't find anything relating to this. My guess is that it's just play money from the era.

Not sure on the value as this would be considered a token.
By: Joshua
12 days ago
Post: 4074
I would say that your coin, presuming it is just a typical coin/token, has an estimated value of $1-5.


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