By: Tyler Nutting

Coins of the World

12 days ago
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Date: 1968 - Questions: Value? Variety?

I have these three beautiful tones uncirculated 1968 memorial pennies. Should I keep these? I have seen toned coins like these go over $20 on eBay.

By: Joshua
12 days ago
Post: 4072
Can't decide for you, but unless you are in need of the money, I think it might be better if you kept them, as they look quite good looking.

While there would always be one guy that would pay a large sum for such a toned and fine looking coin, I would say maybe if you are interested in selling it on eBay, just have it listed at a price that you are happy to part with them, and just let it sit there. If someone does pay you a large sum for that item that you are happy to part with that coin, then good on you, but if not, you could keep the coin around.

Anyways, just my opinion on the matter.
By: Tyler Nutting
12 days ago
Post: 4076
Okay thanks for the advice


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