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Date: 1859 - Inscription: 5 Kreuzers Austria Scheide Munze 1859V - Question: Genuine?

When such an old, silver coin obtains a pinkish tint or tone, does that indicate a forgery, or simply a lesser-known property of silver?

By: Ash Bash
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A silver coin turning pink is normal, as it's part of the process of silver tarnishing.

''Tarnish' appears as gradual discolouration and loss of polish, the metal turning first to pink, darkening to brown, and then to a very dark grey or black with a slight iridescent sheen. This is caused by sulphur compounds in the atmosphere, originating from the burning of fossil fuels and other industrial activity.'

This is a sign that your coin is infact made of silver, however some sources state that polished (cleaned) items are the ones that turn pink. Not completely sure. Do not clean coins, it'll ruin their value.


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