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11 days ago
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Inscription: 34th Year Pei Yang - Questions: Value? Genuine? Condition?

Someone told $13 K. I’m getting mixed info. What is your opinion?
I’ve looked/studied the real and fake side-by-side. The one I have truly looks real and in good condition.

By: Ash Bash
11 days ago
Post: 4095
It has the look of the countless counterfeits of this coin.
Some of the details don't match exactly with the real coin.
Personally I would say it's fake, fakes are worth zero.
Perhaps Josh and Paul could give their opinion on this.
By: Joshua
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11 days ago
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Not sure on how to make up my mind on such an item, as Chinese ones are a bit harder to authenticate for me.

I see a small scratch on the back of the coin, where it looks like it reveled a bright layer of what looks like copper or bronze. It might be a small clue that the coin is only layered with what resembles tarnished silver, in which case, it be a counterfeit.

However, as I am not an expert in authentication of especially Chinese coins, best to take this as my opinion only.


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