By: Amber

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10 days ago
Post: 4113
Date: 1988 - Inscription: Liberty - Questions: Identification? Problems? Error?

I can see another date under the 1988 and the side has little ridges

By: Ash Bash
10 days ago
Post: 4114
Personally I cannot see the extra date, I see some shape or so but I wouldn't see it as a number, hopefully Paul will have more insight as he's better with error coins.
By: Amber
10 days ago
Post: 4116
Thank you,and what do you think about the edge of the coin?
By: Amber
10 days ago
Post: 4117
I value your opinion...just wanted to point out that I see a 7 next to the 8 and looks like an 8 between the two eights
By: Paul
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9 days ago
Post: 4124

There is a decent possibility, Amber, that you have a brockage error. In a brockage, the pattern from one side of a coin appears faintly on the other side. Since your coin has a very faint reverse pattern, it won't be worth very much, even if it is a true brockage.

For more info on brockages, click the [coinquest] link under Web Reference.

You must take your coin to a professional or a knowledgeable collector for an in-person inspection to determine if it is a brockage or not.


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