By: sad1

Coins of the World
Block style letters

Metallic brown

10 days ago
Post: 4118
Questions: Identification? Value? Genuine?

Any idea of what this is? And what it may be worth?
Thank you in advance for your replies!

By: Joshua
9 days ago
Post: 4132
It looks to be roughly a Middle Eastern coin from Medieval times. It has what looks to be like Arabic script. As it has very little features seen, it is quite hard to ID it, but I would say for a typical coin from that time and in its current condition, it be valued around $5-15 USD.

Again, this estimate is based on the assumption that it is a common coin, full identification would usually increase its price, if it is a valuable one.
By: sad1
9 days ago
Post: 4135
Thank you. I appreciate your info!


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