By: Rojîyar

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11 days ago
Post: 4119
Great Britain
Date: 1913 - Question: Genuine?

By: Ash Bash
10 days ago
Post: 4128
The lettering looks slightly off to me personally, as does the shine on the coin.
This could mean that your coin might be a fake however you can always get it tested by a jeweller.
By: Rojîyar
10 days ago
Post: 4130
Thank for your advice
Unfortunat ely I can't get it tested because it's not mine
I've even asked the seller and he insists on its authenticity
By: Joshua
10 days ago
Post: 4131
Well, there are sellers whom even when selling a very obvious fake, insists on its authenticity even with a lot of evidence against him, so his word, unless he is very reputable, isn't worth much.

I would say the three possibilities for this coin is:

- It is a fake, as Ash said.

- It is real, but harshly cleaned, cleaning to what looks like damage on the wording and the unusual surface shine.

- It is real, and somehow pictured in a position where the surface is very reflective.
By: Tyler Nutting
10 days ago
Post: 4137
Coin looks authentic, but looks cleaned/polished or even possibly replated. Nothing seems to be out of the ordinary on that coin except how smooth luster the details are, and how much luster the coin has. However, I do in fact, believe that you have a genuine Great Britain sovereign in my opinion.


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