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7 days ago
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Date: 1919 - Questions: Value? Error? Variety?

Need some help from fellow Coinquest users.
I saw a discussion on numista about 'woodies' and coins with a 'wood grain' style pattern on them, but other than what they posted and what I could search I couldn't find anything about them. Are they a minting error or is it just discolouration, and is there any value to them?

By: Joshua
7 days ago
Post: 4197
I never heard of such a thing before, though I have seen such coins in person, in particular the 1900s British coins such as the ones pictured.

Seeing as my local coin shop has some of these coins with the odd surface, which I would guess to be just discoloration and chemical reactions over the years, priced at the same price as the rest of the common ones in a box to be picked by the buyer, $0.50 per coin, I would guess that they aren't that rare.

That shop has been around since the 1960s, so I would think that they are knowledgeable enough..
By: Josh
6 days ago
Post: 4246
It's looks almost as if they have been cleaned with vineger. I did that with a buffalo nickel (never going to Clean my coins again!) and it made scrape like marks in it.


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