By: Mary

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7 days ago
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Date: 1929 - Question: Identification?

Had this coin packed away over 40 years. When cleaning out old jewelry I came across it and decided to look it up. I think it may have significant value Help :)

By: Joshua
7 days ago
Post: 4209
I am very doubtful of your coin's authenticity due to the large chances of it being a fake, and that it doesn't look to be in high quality, in terms of what I believe it due to its manufacturing. Anyways, as I am not an expert in authenticating items, I would recommend waiting for a response from someone else on this site, and if they think it is real, it would be worthwhile to have it sent to be authenticated. But, to the more experienced in authentication of items through photos, if it is a easy fake, then it is worth only a few dollars if lucky.

Found the description below for such a coin:

Baldwin's Auctions Ltd > Hong Kong Coin Auction 58 Auction date: 2 April 2015
Lot number: 617

Price realized: 160,000 USD (Approx. 147,072 EUR / 107,904 GBP / 153,280 CHF) Save this lot
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Lot description:

COINS, 錢幣, CHINA - REPUBLIC, GENERAL ISSUES, 中國 - 民國中央發行, Sun Yat-Sen 孫中山: Silver Pattern Dollar 地球雙旗幣, Year 18 (1929), Obv facing bust, date above, Rev crossed flags above globe, 'THE REPUBLIC OF CHINA' above, '壹'' below (L&M 88; Kann 610). Attractive light champagne toning, choice uncirculated and extremely rare.

Estimate: US$50,000-70,000
By: Ash Bash
7 days ago
Post: 4214
The globe has slightly different pattern to a real coin of this design, and I would say that the man looks abit unconvincing next to a real example too. I would say this is a fake with Josh.
By: mary
5 days ago
Post: 4262
Oh well, thanks for the help,can't hurt to dream :)


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