By: Miksharac

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6 days ago
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Greece (ancient empire)
Questions: Identification? Value? Genuine?

Have had this coin for many years as my father was a collector. Am curious to know what type of coin, is it real, is it worth anything

By: Joshua
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6 days ago
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It would be an Ancient Greek Tetradrachm from Athens.

However, I am suspicious about the coin's authenticity. Aside from the usual quite high chance of it being a fake, the coin itself looks a bit artificial to be in terms of its general appearance,such as the darker bits on the surface and its shape.

As I am not an expert in authentication, I would advice getting another confirming opinion from someone else here, or have it examined in person by an expert.
By: Miksharac
6 days ago
Post: 4259
thank you for the advice


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