By: Nathaniel

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4 days ago
Post: 4268
Date: 1601 - Questions: Identification? Value? Genuine? Condition? Problems? Error? Variety?

By: Nathaniel
4 days ago
Post: 4269
Need to know if I have a real one
By: Ash Bash
4 days ago
Post: 4270
Personally I do not believe it's geniune although authenticating coins this rare is difficult. The coin's high value means higher chances of finding a counterfeit.

Have it weighed by a jeweller or use an accurate scale, it should weigh 27.31 grams.
By: Joshua
4 days ago
Post: 4271
Surface details looks a bit off in terms of quality, can't tell accurately if it is a lower quality fake, or that it is a combination of actual wear on the coin and the lighting.

If the weight checks out, I would recommend bringing it to an expert for an in person examination, as they would be able to give more details examinations for such an item.


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