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Date: 1921 - Inscription: St Gaudens - Question: Value?

This is a replica of the original certified by 2 dealers as having same size and gold content as the original [which I think can be very valuable]

My question has to do with whether this could have a premium value above the melt price as a rarity or comparison piece to a collector or dealer since it is a replica with exact gold content and size as the rare original example

TY all

By: Joshua
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The link to the left is to a page with the estimated values of a genuine $20 Double Eagle Coin.

Assuming that the dealers are correct that this coin is a replica, I would say that it has a bit more premium value over its melt value, though the amount would vary. I might guess someone might pay an odd $50-100 more for such an example on top of its gold content, seeing as it is a modern coin that is just made out of gold. Though, a collector might just pay more, if he is really after such a coin, it depends on who is interested at the time you are selling it, and how much money they are willing to spend.

Anyways, this is just my opinion of the issue.
By: Herman
3 days ago
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Thank you Joshua for taking the time to reply !


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