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3 days ago
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Greece (ancient empire)
Questions: Identification? Value? Genuine?

I can not find any information on this coin. I sermised that it's possible Corinthian but can not find a coin where the reverse side has the hunter. Would appreciate any help. I acquired a collection from my dad and trying to put it together so I can sell. Thank you

By: Joshua
Web reference:
1. [www.geminiauctio]
3 days ago
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While I don't usually handle Ancient Greek coins, the general color of your coin seems a bit off, such as if it was a modern brass replica.

I found a description below for such a coin, although as far as I can find out, it was only struck in silver, adding to the suspicion that it might be a modern replica.

Syracuse. 5th Republic, 214-212. 12 Litrai. Head of Athena wearing Corinthian helmet to l. Rev. SURAKOSIWN Artemis standing to l. in short hunter's dress, drawing bow, quiver on back. Dog behind her to l. MI in l. field. 10,17 g. SNG Cop. 877. About extremely fine.

Include in the web reference to the left of this post is to an auction site showing such a coin.
By: Linda
2 days ago
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Thank you. I was able to do more research and did note a few differences with my coin...appreciate your reply.


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