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11 days ago
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Date: 1983 - Questions: Value? Error?

I collected this penny from change out of the bottom of my purse when I started to have the interest in collecting coins. I just now made it to the pennies and wow already I found something. Can someone tell me if this is a minting error in the word Liberty it has an “O” instead of an “I” and also Legit DD on date?? What’s up with the “D” mint Mark?? Worth anything?

By: Paul
Web reference:
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11 days ago
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Look at the 'Web reference' [] page to the left. It shows a remarkable 'cud' or 'extra metal' error on a Lincoln cent.

You coin may have a cud error like this. Since yours is far less dramatic than the one on the Web reference page, it will be worth far less money, probably $1 US dollar or so.

The mint mark is normal.
By: Shellioness1
11 days ago
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What about the date do you see the doubling that I see? Have patience with me I’m learning fast but taking my time also lol.
By: Ash Bash
9 days ago
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Personally I don't see any doubling on the date. If it is doubling it's so slight it wouldn't be worth much more than the previous estimate.


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