By: Dani

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4 months ago
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Questions: Identification? Value?

Can someone identify this coin and its value?

By: Paul

4 months ago
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I believe your coins are copies of an ancient gold dinar from the Kushan in India, around 270-310 AD. King Vasudeva II is standing over an altar on the front, and Shiva dances with wreath and trident with bull behind.

The genuine coin in our picture weighs 7.96 grams and it comes from Ira & Larry Goldberg who sold it at auction for $590 US dollars during a 2005 auction. It would probably be worth more today. CoinQuest thanks the Goldbergs for use of their coin image.

You can see several similar coins with a Google search of 'gold coin Kushan'.

If, in fact, your coins are copies, they are worth very little. You should have them precisely weighed and tested for gold content.


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