By: Joanne

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4 months ago
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Date: 1865 - Inscription: VI Einen Thaler CLXXX EIN PF.F. - Questions: Identification? Value?

Hello. I'm trying to figure out what this coin is. I've seen different Thalers going for a fair amount of money, but only one exact match that seems to indicate a 1/6 Thaler, .520 silver. Is this correct? Any idea of worth? Appreciate all the help.

By: Caylee
4 months ago
Post: 523
1/6 Taler 1865 A Anhalt-Dessau Leopold Friedrich 1817-1871. AU

Between 45.00 and 175.00 US dollars maybe? That's all I can find.
By: Paul

4 months ago
Post: 533

Thanks, Caylee -- I found this one in an auction database. It sold for $77 US dollars.

By: Joanne
4 months ago
Post: 539
You guys are great! Thanks so much for the help.


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